Announcing the publication of the second edition of A Watercolor How-To: Tips and Techniques My Instructor Never Taught Me by Joe Kowalewski

A new book from Quillman Publications, released June, 2014
A new book from Quillman Publications, released June, 2014


Ridley Park resident (and octogenarian) Joe Kowalewski feels that he was fortunate to get his dream book published. He put “everything” he knew about the art of watercolor, but after the first edition was published, he discovered that were still some tips and techniques he wanted to impart to the beginner painter. As its title suggests, the book includes techniques  Kowalewski  discovered in his many years of painting and are not found in any other art book.

Kowalewski, said he that when he first took up watercolor painting after his retirement in the late 1990s, he read many books on the subject but found that most of them did not describe the strategies he learned along the way. Most of all, he wanted a book that would inspire others to build their own picture frames as he does.

“I like to buy and read watercolor books,”Kowalewski said, “But whenever I read them, I see that they are not geared towards the absolute beginner or the artist who wants to try techniques on his own.”

A book signing is planned from 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday, June 28th at the Art Association at 100 N Bradford Ave, West Chester, PA (610) 696-5600  (   The public is welcome to come out, meet the author and enjoy complementary refreshments. The book will be sold at the especial price of $20. 

 From the Book Cover:  Now in its second edition, this informative book – by an artist who began to paint after he retired – focuses on the tips and techniques not found in any other art book. As the title suggests, the author discovered most of the ideas in this book after doing things the hard way and then asking: there must be a better way.  Readers will find that A Watercolor How-to imparts information in an easy-to-read format, with touches of humor, that is certain to help even the most reluctant beginner painter. 

The new edition includes practical tips to help you set-up your work space and palette. Plus there are additional chapters filled with more technical information such as “Some Perspective on Perspective”  and “Creating Textures (Without Texting), as well as  a new glossary and index.

In response to many  reader comments, the author decided to include a larger collection of  his unique frames that he  designed for his own paintings. The author hopes they will give you some ideas for framing as you go about completing works of art, and displaying them for friends and family. As Joe says, art is adventure meant to be shared.

About the Author: Octogenarian Joe Kowalewski took up painting after he retired from a long career as an engineer at a nuclear power plant in Southern New Jersey.With the exception of a few evening classes taken at a local high school and at the Schoolhouse Senior Center, near his home in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, Joe is an entirely self-taught artist. Joe enjoys painting many different subjects, and displays his work in unique and often homemade frames. Indeed, he feels especially gifted in his ability to construct these frames. As he says, ideas just come to him. In addition to painting, Joe has worked part-time as a handyman and has served as a volunteer for the past 17 years at the Chester County Art Association in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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