In my 30 plus years of journalism, I have lost track how many interviews I have done.  Yet I can count the number of stories people have done one me on one hand. Sp  I’m always pleased when someone requests an interview.

This past year, I was lucky enough to be  featured on two literary blogs.  The links are below.  The profiles are very different although they do both focus on  my interviews with the late Andrew Wyeth.

Jim Breslin’s profile of me

Thank you Tony Conaway for your profile of me as well. Link to Conaway’s blog

Catherine Quillman picture
The photo from my book jacket, 100 Artists of the Brandywine

2 thoughts on “QuillScripts”

  1. Where can I purchase a copy of your original “The Story of Milford Mills and the Marsh Creek Valley” ? I have many friend who are interested in obtaining a copy. Thank you, Barbara Dacey

    1. Hi: I’m sorry for the delay in responding. The old (1987) edition can only be obtained on EBay or Amazon.
      I’m republishing the book with a new publisher on Valentine’s Day, 2017.
      I hope to have copies in the museum shop at the Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, Pa.

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