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Walking Tours of West Chester, Pa.

My walking tours are available for sale at Amazon .Learn More

Publish Your Own Book!

Do you have a book (a memoir or children’s book) you would like to publish? Let Quillman Publications help you complete your dream project. Learn More

Original Illustrations & Prints

Now accepting orders for custom artwork such as watercolor house portraits or colored illustrations of your pets (captured at play or having fun doing their signature activity).

Prints of one-of-a-kind images and illustrations are also available in the art gallery. All images are available in sizes that fit standard frames. (Click on the images in the art gallery for information about sizes.) They include images available in 6.5. x 4.5, 6.5x 6.5, and 5 x 8 inches. Prices range from $10 for a small matted print and $35 for a large matted print such as the image below. Click here to Learn More

Right: “Academy Artists in Plein Air”

Lectures & Presentations

Let your club or nonprofit enjoy and learn from a local history presentation Learn More

Left: A poster design for a lecture

“I am sorry to inform you that in this day’s engagement, we have been obliged to leave the enemy masters of the field.”

General George Washington, writing to Congress after the Battle of Brandywine, Sept. 11, 1777

Ladies walking in the village of Marshallton, Chester County

Next Steps…

Please contact me concerning any book or art orders. I will be happy to answer any inquiries concerning Quillman Publications.

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